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Portable versus Non-Portable

The goal of the employer sponsored plan is to offer benefit products to the employee that are more affordable and/or not available outside of the group offering. In short, offer products of value that the employee can’t ordinarily buy or can’t buy for the same price unless they work for […]

Federal marketplace releases Appeal Form

The ACA requires that employers who receive EMPLOYER SHARED RESPONSIBILITY notices be given an opportunity to appeal. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has provided the procedure for appealing determinations by federally-facilitated exchanges. They’ve released the form employers must submit where they will have to explain (in detail) […]

What is PEO?

A PEO is Professional Employer Organization. This concept can incorporate all the normal features of employee payroll, work comp and benefits under one umbrella. Often, they are marketed as streamlined solutions to manage an Employer’s Human Resource (HR) needs. While we disagree with the ability of a PEO to remove […]


We understand and embrace the challenges an employer faces with IRS and related ACA reporting functions. We have our own internally controlled compliance and IRS filing division. We control the reporting process so that we may best represent the interest of our accounts. Under our supervision, the PLAN administrator is […]

Benefit Management and Administration

We are your ally. Employee benefit administration is a customer service business. We assist the employer with Macro level challenges and the employees with Micro level communication, claim servicing and education. Our role serves to compliment the day to day challenges of the human resource professional tasked with managing the […]